Psalm 5:12

Eighth day on the job and I sold a $5000 piece of equipment. It was a bit of shock, even to me. But the Lord brought a scripture to mind after I’d sold the machine. It was quickened to me as I read it this morning, by which I mean my attention was drawn to it and I took special note of it as being significant, though I didn’t know why at the time:

For it is You who blesses the righteous man, O Lord,
You surround him with favor as with a shield.

The Lord is good and gives us little reminders sometimes that our lives are in His hands and He knows our situations. About six weeks ago, after I lost the dispatcher job with the trucking company, I woke up one morning with an old Pentecostal chorus in my head:

Jehovah Jireh
My provider
His grace is sufficient
For me, for me, for me
Jehovah Jireh
My provider
His grace is sufficient for me

My God shall supply all my needs
According to His riches in glory
He will give His angels
Charge over me
Jehovah Jireh cares
For me, for me, for me
Jehovah Jireh cares for me

Throughout that day the Lord sent me several confirmations that He is my provider, and that I needn’t worry about how I will feed myself or my family because His economy is different than this world’s. So I didn’t worry (though I did wonder) and now looking back I see He had everything well in hand. He is my father, and I’m His son. That means He has certain responsibilities and I have certain privileges. We don’t usually understand where He’s leading us until we arrive.

Anyway the boss was really pleased and perhaps it bodes well for my future at the company. I told Jessica when I was looking for work that whatever the Lord led me to would probably be temporary, because I think eventually I’m supposed to be in full-time ministry. The laborers are few, but I am one of them, and Father knows I would like to have greater influence and reach in service to the Body of Christ. (But of course I don’t know His definition of “temporary.”) For now at least this job affords me the opportunity to get acquainted with all of southeastern North Carolina.


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