Better Covenants

I’m writing this in a hotel in Raleigh because I had to come to the main office for work to get some personal training from the owner of the company, who is also my direct supervisor. Throughout my working career in various places, I have often heard from long-term employees that “this used to be a good place to work.” For once I think I finally got in on the ground floor of something before other people come along and ruin it.

The owner is a very smart guy, probably in his early 60s. He has a fast way of talking and I can tell his mind moves from one thing to another quicker than he can get the words out. I think he might also be a little OCD…like, legit OCD. He has the worst dipping habit I have ever seen, and has an entire box of Grizzly Wintergreen snuff in a cabinet of his office. He’ll put a big ball of dip in his mouth and talk with ease, spitting occasionally into a trash can. He uses the f-word in nearly every sentence. Apparently he noticed that I don’t cuss too much, and said he could switch to Spanish if I preferred. I didn’t tell him that I don’t really believe there’s any such thing as a bad word – only bad uses for words – because people just get weirded out when I say things like that. Anyway he spent 20 years with Pepsi, took a year off, and then started the current business with a couple of golfing buddies back in 1998. But the venture based in Wilmington targeting southeast NC has only been going since January of 2017 and I am the first person with a sales background that’s been on the job. There is only one other competitor in the area and I have some strategies in mind for how to get their established customers to switch to our company, but the first thing to do is raise awareness and let them know we’re there.

He walked me through some of the product lines, talked about pricing and financing, and showed me how to access various selling tools online. We went to a Verizon store and he purchased a new iPad for me to use. He also gave me a stack of polo shirts with the company logo and a 2013 Dodge Ram 2500 ST, which is an enormous pickup truck that I’ll use for toting machines and chemicals to prospective customers and doing demonstrations. It will take some work to fit that thing in our garage back home. He also gave me a company credit card with a $30,000 limit to buy gas, keep the truck maintained, purchase anything I need to get the job done, buy lunch for customers, etc. It’s a report-from-home deal with a lot of freedom to figure things out and go get the business. I’m looking forward to learning the job and the area, and there’s a lot of potential to make good money. So far it seems promising. He said, “I don’t want your effing head to explode, but you’re the best sales candidate I’ve ever hired.” Anyway I feel very supported and I hope I can do a good job in growing his business. I work for the Lord, really, so I’ve tried to do my best for every employer, but after a decade of mostly thankless, back-breaking labor for Pepsi and the bad experience at the trucking company, it’s nice to think maybe this job will be one I actually enjoy. When I told Pastor what happened at the trucking company on that Wednesday evening, he just said, “Well, I guess the Lord has something better for you, like it says in Hebrews.”

I want to write about the things that transpired with the big kids at their camp, but I don’t have time right now. I’ll do that when I get home and can upload an audio link of Beck and Garrett’s testimony about the event that they shared with the church last Sunday. I don’t think there was a dry eye in the building. But Cath is still presenting some challenges.

The family and I lead worship on the 2nd and 4th Sundays of every month now. This past Sunday we just worshipped for nearly the entire service: it was pretty amazing. More later.


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