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Prophetic Word by Ronnie Coleman

Went to church this morning, after not being there for a month of Sundays. Thing was, I felt pretty good for most of this week, but when it came time to get ready to leave with the family, my lungs went janky again. I went anyway, but I felt very tired and short of breath when we arrived. Of course I couldn’t help but consider the spiritual ramifications of starting to feel better and having a good week, and then feeling sick again on Sunday morning.

At the outset of the song service, the people all prayed for me. I was out of breath and sweating bullets. After the worship, Ronnie Coleman gave the message. He is a prophetic man; he hears from God. In the middle of his sermon he said this:

Brother Steve, as we were praying for you I heard the Lord say, “This is a precious thing that I have deposited within this man. And it will not be achieved and claimed without a ferocious battle.” But He also said, “But you shall live. And not only live, but you shall live well. For it is my choosing, saith the Lord, that you edify the house of God and the people of God, even as I have edified you.”

Here’s his whole message.


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