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The Man in the High Castle

I slept through most of the day yesterday and missed church. Sikki also slept in, having not slept well and enduring some pain in her ear. She went to urgent care and had it looked at: irritated but not yet an infection.

When I was awake, I watched several episodes of a show that is streaming on Amazon Prime: The Man in the High Castle. It’s based on a novel of Phillip K. Dick’s, published in 1963, and depicts an alternate-history scenario of what America might look like if the Axis powers had won WWII. I’m interested in the show because, where the characters in the story have to imagine what life is like without totalitarianism, I have to do the opposite. Within the first two or three episodes, one sees what life might be like if free speech were not tolerated, if Bibles were illegal, if citizens were forbidden to own firearms, if armed and aggressive agents of the state could simply enter your residence and search it on a whim, if the terminally ill or disabled were euthanized to prevent a “drain on society.”

These things could have happened. They have happened. They will happen again. Humankind has always been easily deceived by its own beauty, creative energy, good intentions. We think we can be like God. Humanism is the origin of enslavement.

This morning I go to the doctor for allergy testing. Sikki says she wants to go with me. I’m hoping to get enough of my lung capacity back to return to work and start exercising. I am gaining weight as a result of doing nothing for six weeks. I have been up since 3:30, so I imagine I might want a nap later. She and I are planning to go to Leland this evening if we are up to it.


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