The Last Monday of 2015

Today is the last Monday of 2015. As I write this I am sucking on a nebulizer filled with a medication that is supposed to help me cough up The Sordid Yuck Within. I’m not sure any of this steroidal voodoo is helping me, though, because I just ran around with the puppy a little in the living room and got all out of breath and hacked and croaked and cried and that’s why I’m now sitting here vapin’ the ‘roids.

Yesterday I slept almost the whole day. I woke up fairly early and read in Job and Isaiah, drank a couple cups of coffee, then laid on the couch around 8. Sometime from that point I went back to bed, missing church, a beautiful warm day, life, everything. I drifted in and out of troubled sleep and weary dreams and whenever I got up I felt dizzy in the head, tight in the chest, sore in the back and shoulders. I didn’t even feel like reading. Am I a hypochondriac? Why am I still so tired?

I watched several hours of a documentary about WWI which is based on first-hand accounts from people’s war diaries. Anytime I am reminded of the trench warfare, I find it almost impossible to believe that year after year the generals on both sides kept trying to send waves of men over open ground in a frontal assault against entrenched positions with artillery and machine guns aimed right at the “charge area” in no man’s land, and they didn’t change strategy or think, Hey, we really need a different approach here, like, literally. But then what could they do, really? If they retreated, the same stalemate situation would just reappear further down the road. It took the invention of the tank to put trench warfare out of business.

There isn’t too much of television that interests me, which is why we don’t pay for cable or satellite or any subscription service other than Netflix. I mostly like documentaries, biographies, and science and nature programs. I also watched some lectures from Yale University yesterday on YouTube.

Today after playing serious phone tag before the Christmas holiday I finally connected with the hospital to schedule a pulmonary function test. The soonest they could get me in was next Tuesday, January 5th at 8 a.m. I also called the allergist’s office to schedule an appointment with them which will be Monday, January 4th at 9:15 a.m. They’re going to do allergy testing then, the skin-prick all over your back testing that I had a couple years ago. I furthermore called the mail order pharmacy we use with our insurance to find out why I can’t sign in to their stupid web site and whether the pulmonologist had called in the new prescriptions. I have been on the phone today more than I prefer to be on the phone for an entire week.


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