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The righteous will not be shaken

Christmas Eve. It is very humid today and 75 degrees which is unusual for late December; we are running the air conditioner. Sikki is off from work today and has plans to go out and do some shopping. I am waking up slowly, sipping coffee and listening to The Beatles’ White Album. The Beatles’ entire catalogue just became available on Spotify today, which is good because they were glaringly missing. We pay a small monthly fee for Spotify Premium because I listen to so much music, and the paid service means you can listen commercial-free, on-demand, and download to your devices for offline listening.

Streaming services are putting the purchase of compact discs to death. I’m sitting here trying to remember when I last purchased a CD. It has been many years, perhaps since I’ve had a home computer with an internet connection, which would make it ten years or more. Before Napster was declared illegal I used to download a ton of music on an old 56K modem phone-line connection. Then I used BitTorrent to download entire albums (possibly illegally). As connection speeds got faster, I started buying digital albums and songs from Amazon. I was never a big fan of iTunes, because I hate how Apple feels like they have to control every aspect of a person’s existence. Pandora radio was the first streaming service I ever tried, but you couldn’t play specific music by an artist — it was basically a targeted radio service. Once I tried Spotify, I never looked back. Now I use Spotify for most of my listening, and YouTube as a backup to check out lesser-known or out-of-print material.

I will have lots of time this week to listen to the Beatles because yesterday I went to the pulmonologist and she says I’m sick. (Surprise!) The pneumonia is gone but I am still wheezing and coughing. She ordered a bunch more tests and treatments and put me out from work for another week. She wants me to go to an allergist again in addition to everything else.

The whole thing is starting to drive me crazy. I feel every time I come out of my bedroom I am yelling at the kids and barking and growling and being a general ogre. But in spite of the breathing problems, each passing day brings a bit more of my energy back, which the mono was sapping from me. Today I need to do some laundry and maybe take a walk on the beach to get some “saltwater cure” in my lungs.

I will close to present myself to the Word and will of God.

For he will never be shaken; The righteous will be remembered forever. He will not fear evil tidings; His heart is steadfast, trusting in the LORD. — Psalm 112:6-7


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