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Cause & Effect (CUTG #12)

It is warm but raining steadily here in the coastlands. I am feeling cooped up. The kids are off from school this week and I think they’re feeling a bit shut in, too. I spoke with my mother today and made a video about my ongoing meditation on Psalm 119. I was hoping to walk on the beach today but it poured through most of the daylight hours and with today being the winter solstice it is now almost dark.

Coughing and wheezing quite a bit today. Yesterday I got some test results on some bloodwork the doctor had ordered: tested positive for Epstein-Bar virus, or mononucleosis, the “kissing disease.” The doctor thinks it has been “reactivated.” Apparently like 95% of the population gets mono before age 40. Sikki went on a reading spree about it last night and her source mentioned “steroid therapy” (like the ones I have been on for quite a while) as a risk factor for recurrence. Anyway it explains why I’ve been so tired, but it doesn’t explain why I’ve been so tired for so long and without improvement. I go to the pulmonologist tomorrow; maybe she’ll know something.

I wanted to take a nap today but life kept intervening and it never worked out. I don’t know what else to do but keep the lines open every which way. I am too weary to do much else. Here is the video I worked on today:


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