In the South, there are bugs.

Had to get up around 4:30 this morning to meet Jeff in the driveway: he was kind enough to take some paperwork to Wilmington for me concerning my short-term disability. I stayed up sipping coffee and reading from Job, Isaiah and Psalms, then I got a shower and prepared to go to the dentist.

According to the dentist I have no cavities or concerns other than some minor gum recession. When I got home from the dentist I felt very tired and went back to bed for awhile.

Spent some time today reading and watching the Ken Burns documentary, The West. The kids are camping out behind the church tonight. It is in the 40s tonight — I hope they stay warm. I stopped by the church around 8 for a s’more and to say hey to people there.

Overall I am feeling very grouchy and uninspired this evening.