Open my eyes: CUTG#9.

The day has passed quietly. I have been pretty wheezy today, but hopefully I am getting stronger. I cannot take a deep breath without feeling like I will cough. It rained all day and the new unhousebroken puppy resisted going potty outside in the rain. I stood with him a couple times while we both got soaked waiting for him to go. Twice I had to bring him back in and return him to his crate because he refused. He finally peed on the third try. In time he will understand that the faster he goes, the faster he’ll get back inside¬†when the weather is foul.

I spoke with Miss Judy for awhile this morning. I also spoke with my sister for about a half-hour. Her new baby Abigail is doing well, though my sister sounded sick.

Spent time reading in 1 Timothy & Psalm 119 today. Made a video with some meditations on the first half of the third stanza of Psalm 119.

Sikki worked a bit late. She says she is “fighting a funk,” or a depression. We’ve taken some lumps lately. God knows. The Lord is present. Emmanuel!

Andre phoned from Delaware before I ate dinner. I am always happy and encouraged to speak with him and wish we could do so face-to-face.

I will close to take my breathing treatment and wait on the Word of God.