Today is Sunday. I awoke around 8:30 this morning after sleeping well. I slept well because I am taking NyQuil to counter the effects of Prednisone, which makes me hyper-alert and grumpy and won’t let me sleep. After having some coffee and reading in 1 Timothy & Psalm 119, I went out into the garage and did some pushups and lifts to get my breathing up, to see how my lungs are doing. As happened the other day, I got winded fast and coughed uncontrollably for a good five minutes.

Went and worshipped this morning with others who await Christ’s appearing.

I called my mother this afternoon to let her know how I’m doing. Then I called my brother to tell him I appreciate the videos he’s been putting on YouTube. I have not talked to my sister since she had her baby a week or two ago and am due to call her.

Everyone napped in the afternoon, though I spent a couple hours reading from The History of Brunswick County North Carolina. After everyone had napped, I suggested we go out to Holden Beach to check out the Christmas decorations at the Pavilion. We went there and then to the beach, which was dark though there was a warm, lovely breeze. On the way from the beach, I walked briskly and then jogged for a bit to test my lungs again. This time I only coughed a little bit. Maybe it’s true that salt air is good for the lungs, or maybe I’m actually getting better.

Tomorrow I plan to read and study. There is so much more for us in God than we can imagine.

From Brother Joel: