CUTG #7 – Psalm 119:1-8

I came down with a fever yesterday afternoon and have had it ever since. Slept very fitfully last night. Something going on in my chest — might be the flu I guess, but I hope not. My stomach is also queasy but that might be because I don’t eat normally when I have a fever.

I’m supposed to get up at 4 in the morning and go to work. Hopefully sleep tonight and the quickening Spirit will give me strength. I’m out of paid time off until January 1 and if I miss any work I won’t get paid for it.

Because I’ve been sick, I haven’t accomplished much this weekend. I figured out how to use PowerPoint to make a video and recorded some thoughts on the first stanza of Psalm 119. I did that this morning while my sons were playing quietly and while my fever was in brief recession, but I still felt like I had a foggy mind.

I watched some videos on YouTube and watched the first season of a crime drama called¬†Longmire on Netflix. It’s sort of a western detective show. It reminds me of another show I liked when I was a kid:¬†Magnum P.I.