Why do you break the commandments of the LORD, so that you cannot prosper?

It is five in the morning. Thankfully I don’t have to go to Wilmington this morning; I am feeling run-down and sick. Today shouldn’t be too hard on me, though. This morning I read in 2 Chronicles and Psalms. I use one of the Bible-reading plans through the YouVersion app. It’s a one-year plan but I have been at it for about two and a half years and am only just around 52%. So I guess it takes me five years to read the Bible. I don’t necessarily read every day, though.

I haven’t been able to exercise this week due to having a cold. I read somewhere that it’s fine to exercise with a cold as long as it’s not lodged in your chest. But when I am sick I really just want my body to concentrate on getting better: I don’t want to give it extra work. Of course, I have had something wrong with my chest for several years now — probably something related to my allergies that stokes my asthma. That was why I originally went to see an allergist in Delaware, and then a pulmonologist here in North Carolina. After several assessments and tests, neither of those doctors could tell me what is wrong, other than that I have asthma and allergies, which wasn’t news to me. Sikki is after me to return to an allergist down here and continue trying to find out what causes my frequent coughing.


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