Life: We Learn By Doing

Spent some time in the Word this morning before I headed out for a jog. Normally I don’t see any other people in the wee hours of the morning on Holden Beach, but there were a couple¬†old guys out walking their dogs in the darkness of Brunswick Ave. I didn’t have to go to Wilmington like I do on most Thursday mornings, so I got my workday completed pretty quickly. Sikki and I went to the DMV this afternoon to switch our old Suburban’s license plates over to North Carolina: it’s had the old Delaware tag all this time and that tag expires tomorrow. It is the last visible vestige of our Delaware life.

I got a shower after we got home and have been working on crude notes for another video. The thought occurred to me this morning that I would like to make a couple videos for the sake of my kids where I discuss how to read the Bible. I never received any training on how to read the Bible. I started making myself available to it when I was about 15, opening to read and taking it slow. The Lord began to speak to me through His Word when I spent time searching with an open heart. So maybe all I can do for my children is point them in the right direction, since the entire process of going to the Word is supposed to be experiential, active, and engaged. Like prayer, we learn by doing.