For the kingdom of God does not consist in talk but in power.

I woke up at 2:30 this morning when Winston came stomping out of the boy’s room and let the dog loose from her cage and the two of them clamored around making a huge racket. It was fine since I had to go to Wilmington this morning anyway. I went for a jog on OBW and felt pretty strong. There is an app I’ve been using called Zombies, Run! that gives you challenges when you run and a whole backstory and zombie chases to make you sprint. That’s been fun. I have been listening to Neko Case this week. She’s not just a pretty face. I really love her music.

When I got back in the driveway a big, lumbering raccoon was eating dog food out of a bin on our front porch. He watched me for a long time as if annoyed because I interrupted his meal. I read a little in 1 Corinthians, showered, and got out the door. I found out this morning that there was a management position open in Wilmington and I wasn’t aware of it and the posting had closed.

I don’t care. I am in a strange place right now. I don’t have a career, or even the thought of a career. I don’t want to move up in my job. I hate the company I work for; I hate chasing dollars by selling sugar and chemicals. I suppose that means I should be looking for a new job. I feel as if I am in limbo, just as I have felt for the past ten years, almost. A full decade come July, working for a company I hate, in different roles throughout that time, and hating them all. Hating it with perfect hatred. I just try to do my work in the service of God and not worry about it much. Joseph worked diligently for Potiphar and Pharoah. Daniel worked for Nebuchadnezzar.

My wife gets up most mornings to make me a lunch of some sort. I am married to a godly woman.

Work was fairly uneventful. Chad worked with me at a few stops, though he basically just schmoozes with customers and doesn’t do much to actually help me. Not that I need much help, really. (TEN YEARS!)

I got home and fiddled with the video intro I’m working on for the YouTube channel I’ve made. Tonight I plan on just lying around. I’m pretty tired from getting up so early and tomorrow is going to be a long day.

I am praying for God to demonstrate His power in and through me. I am seeking occasion against the Philistines.


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