God is not slow concerning His promises.

Yesterday after church I worked outside for several hours. Cut a pretty large tree down with the chainsaw. Sikki and I sprayed around the house for bugs. Before dinner we took all the kids to the beach and walked for a while. She got stung by a honeybee that was lying in the surf. After dinner she cut my hair and we did a little cleaning, put the kids to bed, and made love.

I woke up at four feeling weird and foggy-minded. I wasn’t able to comprehend much and diddled on Facebook for awhile before heading out for a jog. The work day wasn’t too exceptional, except that my phone didn’t ring all day long, which I like. I had the blues for some reason in the early part of the day — that old sensation of feeling like a fool for following God and wanting to just screw the desperate, lonely women who flirt with me in the accounts. I saw Brother Ronnie at one of my first stops; he spoke in church yesterday. After seeing him, I started praying and gave the day and my life to the Lord. I live my life on the edge of a precipice and it is only the grace of God that keeps me.

This evening I have to try and sign up for next year’s insurance.

The days of my life were ordained for me before one of them existed.


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