Is it time?


Is it time for me to write the vision? I’m forty now. You know that I am always one inch from falling off the precipice but I am also very in love with you and your ways. I desire to obey your voice and get back in the harness. I long to see the people in your church become a blessing to you — everything you had in mind when you died for us. I am willing if you will help me, Father.

People seem to be helped when I speak. They say I have a way of speaking about you that makes sense. They tell me I have a gift. Still, you prevent me from knowing whether anything is effective. How does one measure effectiveness in your kingdom? What makes something rich in your eyes?

Mindy says I should make more videos. She was referring to a couple of videos I posted on Facebook four years ago. I would like to write something that could help the struggling church. So many are hurting and there aren’t many teachers.

I am willing to throw more seed, but only if you help me, Alpha and Omega. My desire is to know you in the process. I am not trying to jump ahead of you and your timing.

Is it time?


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