Those who suffered hurt because of the sins of the people of faith.

December 20, 2014. Saturday, 6 P.M.

I read in my journals today from when I was 17-21. I was a sad, world-weary kid. If it were not for the nearness and promises of Christ Jesus I would have perished.

Wade Taylor wrote me two personal letters, which I saved in my journals. I was thinking today that I don’t spend enough time encouraging others. He has gone to be with the Lord. His ministry was instrumental in my becoming a seeker of God. He wasn’t a particularly good speaker, not a really great orator or theologian. But there was something in the spirit that I desired when I listened to him speak: a desire that was fanned like a fire into life. My quest for truth began as I listened to him and realized that the Bible was alive and quickening. There was something in his ministry that made me desire to know the Lord. That is the best anyone could ask for in an expression of service to God: that others would be made jealous to pursue the Lord on their own.

That is what I have tried to do, Father. I have tried my best to seek you, to give time and quietness so you can speak and be honored as God and Father. Remember my frailty, O God. Remember how much I have suffered at the hands of men. Deliver me, and make me a minister of Thy Kingdom to those precious souls whom You have purchased for Yourself.

I’ve had the fleeting thought that I should begin to write a book for the searchers disenchanted with the church. Those who, like me, suffered hurt because of the sins of the people of faith.


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