Righteousness and Peace and Joy in the Holy Ghost

September 16, 2014. Tuesday, 7:22 PM.

We took my mother to the airport in Wilmington this morning and saw her off. She cried as the weekend visit with all of her children and grandchildren came to an end. It was a pleasant weekend for all of us.

Mom and Teresa went to church with us on Sunday morning. The message was great: the pastor equated the Sceptre with the sufferings of the Cross.

As we sat outside yesterday morning sipping coffee, I related to Joel and Mom how confusing things have been lately. Truthfully, I probably needed to be shaken a bit. For some reason I am unable to persevere in the pursuit of God in the absence of crises that make my dependency and helplessness obvious.

I suggested we pray together before Joel departed. Jess and Rebekah and Catherine were with us, too. It was really nice and I wept and offered the sacrifice of praise. Joel and Mom both spoke prophetically. Joel said the Lord calls me Job, a precious treasure; that he loves me, that the suffering has a purpose. Mom said something similar, that God has not left and has a purpose that will serve others, too.

The presence of God was sweet and I was happy that my girls could see their family seeking Him.

Tomorrow I go back to Pepsi.

I know you called us here. I am certain of that, just as I am certain that you are good and your mercy endures. I know you have our best interest in mind.

But the questions remain. You know the questions remain. Like all the saints, I direct them to you and await your answer.