Health update, April 10, 2011

I’ve been working out with regularity since I last wrote, though my long runs have dwindled a little and they haven’t really been growing in length, which needs to improve.

I’ve looked for ways to throw some cross-training into the mix, especially core exercises. I picked up a couple of junk tractor tires from local tire dealers and I’ve been flipping them and hitting them with a sledge hammer in the backyard for the past couple weeks. It’s early yet, but the tire workouts are very strenuous and aerobic and I can already feel new strength and endurance on my long runs as a result of the core training. I also bought a chin-up bar with ab straps and a balance (Swiss) ball that I’m using a little bit, but the tire workouts and running have been taking precedence.

I’m not sure whether I’ve lost any weight as a result of all this work, but I know that my shape is changing because I’ve had to order uniform pants in a smaller waist. I feel like I’m still eating too much — not necessarily every day, but enough of the time that it’s slowing my weight loss.


  • Still working hard
  • Learning new activities and trying new things
  • Benefits of cross-training are already obvious

Opportunities for improvement:

  • Cut back on total calories
  • Drink more water and milk
  • Watch portion sizes and mindless eating
  • Enter a race to maintain motivation
  • Need to get more goal-oriented (timed workout circuits, tracking progress, etc.)

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