April 17, Loblolly + Run

Ran the Loblolly trail and extended it by running an offshoot trail at Trap Pond. Time was 1:14. My legs felt more fatigued than usual because I had worked out with tires beforehand for thirty minutes. (Today was the first time I incorporated rope into the workout by dragging and pulling the smaller tire across the yard, which I felt instantly in my legs.) We loaded Garrett’s bike into the backseat of my car and he came with me on the trail, which was nice.


Health update, April 10, 2011

I’ve been working out with regularity since I last wrote, though my long runs have dwindled a little and they haven’t really been growing in length, which needs to improve.

I’ve looked for ways to throw some cross-training into the mix, especially core exercises. I picked up a couple of junk tractor tires from local tire dealers and I’ve been flipping them and hitting them with a sledge hammer in the backyard for the past couple weeks. It’s early yet, but the tire workouts are very strenuous and aerobic and I can already feel new strength and endurance on my long runs as a result of the core training. I also bought a chin-up bar with ab straps and a balance (Swiss) ball that I’m using a little bit, but the tire workouts and running have been taking precedence.

I’m not sure whether I’ve lost any weight as a result of all this work, but I know that my shape is changing because I’ve had to order uniform pants in a smaller waist. I feel like I’m still eating too much — not necessarily every day, but enough of the time that it’s slowing my weight loss.


  • Still working hard
  • Learning new activities and trying new things
  • Benefits of cross-training are already obvious

Opportunities for improvement:

  • Cut back on total calories
  • Drink more water and milk
  • Watch portion sizes and mindless eating
  • Enter a race to maintain motivation
  • Need to get more goal-oriented (timed workout circuits, tracking progress, etc.)