LAB Results, 1/23/11

You need to get a lot smarter about keeping track of your health. You’ve been running and lifting weights for about five months without any system of tracking your progress, and you’re starting to lose motivation — especially since cold weather hit. Keeping score will hopefully keep you moving your fat ass. In the past couple of years, the cholesterol has been in the 250 range and your blood pressure has been steadily climbing. Your waistline has been about 42, but a lot of time you’re pulling that off by wearing your pants underneath your stomach, so you’ve probably really been more of a 44. Your weight goes up and down. You run for awhile, then slack off whenever you get sick or when the weather gets cold, you eat whatever you want without moderation or thought about portion size, you gain the old weight back, and you don’t start moving again until you’re uncomfortable sleeping, bending over, working, having sex — everything — until you’re tired all the time and feel depressed and miserable about yourself. (Now, at least you do eventually move around again, which is more than most people do, but you’ve got to stop the yo-yo-ing and playing around with your health.)

Okay, so. You got labwork last week and your total cholesterol is 205, down almost to normal range. The bloodwork six months ago was around 240, so you’ve just got to keep doing what you’re doing to get it down below 200. Triglycerides are 128, HDL is 48, LDL cholesterol calculation is 131 (high); it should be less than 99.

Your current weight, measured at the doctor’s office this week, is 271. You’ve gained a few pounds in the past couple of months, but this is probably because muscle is denser and heavier than fat: your body shape is changing, though, as evidenced by the fact that your pants are looser. You need to buy a scale for the house and weigh yourself weekly so you know when you’re gaining or losing. Your target weight is 230 pounds, though this is based on those stupid BMI calculators and might not be right for your build.

Two other goals are to acquire a tractor tire in the range of 500-600 pounds, to flip and move around in the yard when the weather is more accommodating, and to purchase a 45lb dumbbell (Andre will give you the other one): both of these are for building total body strength and packing on more fat-burning muscle.

As far as workout routine, you’ve been running and doing strength exercises several times a week. You try to do short, fast jogs on a couple of weekday mornings when it’s still dark and frigid. Saturdays are the main day for longer endurance runs, and these have been done mainly at Trap Pond State Park. Yesterday you ran the Trap Pond Loblolly trail twice (9 miles) in 1:42.


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