Wednesday, September 2, 2009

A Georgetown police officer named Chad Spicer was killed last night in a shooting. Another officer was injured. Details are sketchy at this point, but it looks like some young black guys were having a shootout at the McDonald’s on 113, police responded to calls reporting the vehicle the shooters were in, pursued the vehicle, and when the suspects got out to flee on foot, the officers chased them and got blasted. It’s pretty unusual to have police killed here in southern Delaware. Apparently a lot of people I know also knew the slain patrolman. He’d only been on the force for a year or so.

It gives you pause when you realize how crime and hoodlums have infiltrated comfortable, small American towns. The reasons why are like the starry host, so numerous. Even if you could quantify and pinpoint them all, you couldn’t address them. The church can only hold forth the one Answer, the one Solution.

They sent Calvin (another driver) with me yesterday because I was loaded so heavy. I have no idea what today looks like. We were in a Dollar General in Long Neck where this really ditzy, flirtatious woman works. Her boyfriend was visiting her at the store, and she said to me, “Now you know who I’m drooling over, why I’m so perky.” I said, “You’re always perky. But people who’re infatuated are really annoying.” She said, “That’s the way it’s supposed to be. And if you find the right person, you’ll never stop being that way, lost in love.” Once we were in the truck I told Calvin, “Women are beyond stupid. She really believes that bullshit. She’s going to spend her whole life being miserable, trying to flutter around like an angel on Cloud 9.” He just muttered and said, “I’d like to bend her over.” I hate to say it but he’s a typical black guy that way. He said stuff like that all day, after almost every woman we encountered. He’d screw a hole in the wall, no discrimination, no requirements of physical attractiveness or charming personality. He has nine kids.

But as for the woman, it’s pure fantasy Hollywood. Accursed chick flicks. If a movie portrayed real life (which is that you’re on Cloud 9 briefly and then your wings rot and fall off and you plummet back to the dirty earth where you must claw the ground and sweat out your days, and count yourself immeasurably blessed if you’re in the companionship of someone who’s not a moron) no woman would ever pay the ticket charge.

Jessica and her brother had a little help from Daniel B getting the rest of the windows in upstairs. The next step for the girl’s room and the Cave is drywall. Daniel finished replacing the leaking metal roof over the downstairs bathroom; it looks awesome from the outside. Next week he says he’ll start working on the rotten T-111 siding on the side of the house.