Five Months Later…

I have no idea why I haven’t written anything for months, except that we’ve been pretty busy. We bought the house and moved to Laurel. The first major problems in the old girl were plumbing issues, things leaking which shouldn’t leak and things plugged which should drain–all of which consumed a couple weekends. With little repose we’ve been steady working on the other renovations we financed in the mortgage: electric upgrade, central air and heat, some foundation issues. Jess and I stripped and gutted two upstairs rooms. One is going to be a bedroom and one is going to be my writing room/study. We call that one “the cave” and I’m pretty excited about having my own little space to write and think. We tore out all the old plaster and her brother helped run new electrical wiring to those spaces. We’re basically ready for new windows and drywall up there. My friend Daniel B replaced the porch decking; he still has a lot of work to do. I need to get on him because he’s a procrastinator and everything’s supposed to be finished by the end of September. The utilities so far haven’t cost much more than what we were paying while living in the doublewide in Millsboro, but obviously it still costs much more to live here. We paid $550 in rent in the other place and the mortgage ended up being about $925 in Laurel. It sure is a big, beautiful house.

There was a flare-up of drama several weeks ago when Dinelle followed me into a Moose Lodge while I was delivering product, and then I called her the next day. That relationship is over, really, and I think both of us know it. It just has some nervous writhing in its death, like a chicken with its head cut off. Sometimes it might look alive, but don’t worry.

Summer at Pepsi has been tiring, but not nearly so exhausting as last year. Some days I even make it home for dinner.

We haven’t been to church since moving to the new place in June. That situation’s up in the air, and I don’t have time to explore it here right now. More later, perhaps. For now I’m off to work.