Wednesday, March 25, 2009

I’ve almost got my trainee trained. He’s good help when we’re out pitching sodas but I think he fell asleep at the wheel briefly yesterday; people don’t get enough rest these days. He also veers the rig to the right when he’s making a left turn, which isn’t a good thing. You’re supposed to basically stay in your lane in case other drivers try to pass you on the right when you’re making a turn. Yesterday he almost took out a sign in a left turn and a tree in a right. He’s okay, I guess, but he isn’t too safety-conscious.

Sikki met a foundation guy at the prospective house yesterday afternoon and found out it’ll take around 9-12 grand to fix the problem with the floor joist and the house’s settling. I’m not sure the sellers are going to be willing to fix a problem that costly, but they won’t be able to sell the house to anyone who needs financing if they don’t repair it. I hope things will work out somehow, because the whole family likes the idea of moving into that spacious old place. It’d be so nice to have a study or den, a place to put my books and a desk, a place to think and pray and write. But we’ll see. I was telling a guy yesterday that buying a house is really dramatic. You don’t want to get your hopes up about anything because every day you learn something new, sometimes good, sometimes bad, and you don’t really know anything until you’re signing by the X’s at closing.

I had the idea last year for a family camping trip with my sister and brother’s families and all our kids. It looks like that might happen in June. We’re looking at Killens Pond State Park. It’d be nice to have an annual family gathering of that kind, just to make memories and reconnect with family.


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