Monday, March 23, 2009

Another blog, because I miss writing about day-to-day stuff.

We are trying to buy a house. Our current landlords have been unable or unwilling to fix the roof on the doublewide we’ve lived in for the past six-plus years. The roof’s been leaking the entire time we’ve lived here, and ceilings are falling out under the weight of moist, moldy insulation throughout the length of the dwelling. Our landlords are people we go to church with and live next door to, so it’s been a mysterious thing watching them make business ventures and update their large cape cod with various upgrades while our roof is collapsing. I’ve been so frustrated by it that I’ve even called the landlords and suggested they raise the rent, just to keep the place liveable. Ha ha, that’s desperation, boy. But I’m not interested in making a big stink about their neglect or insisting that Christian people shouldn’t have a reputation as slum landlords: I just want to move. We have four kids now and we need more space, anyway.

We have a large Victorian house in Laurel under contract, but I’m not sure how that’s going to go. The inspection revealed three major issues: 1. the need for an electrical upgrade, 2. an outmoded heating system in need of total replacement, and 3. a central foundational joist that is missing and needs replacement. All of these are pretty expensive repairs and I’m not sure we’ll be able to get the seller to fix them so we can get the financing we need. The house was built in 1940 and a host of lesser ills were also disclosed during the inspection, but most of those could be rectified by Jess and I on evenings and weekends during the first year or two we lived there, if we’re able to get the major stuff resolved.

In other news, I’m still working for Pepsi and I’m just grateful to have a job right now. The economy is pretty bad by all accounts — I know a lot of people who are out of work.

I’m still frustrated with church and a lot of my fellow believers. I’m still frustrated with myself.


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